Every morning the bakers at Einstein Bros. pull more than bagels out of their ovens. They pull off a major surprise. Because in our carb conscious world, bagels aren't supposed to be this wholesome.


Warm, oven-baked goodness that's actually good for you? Holey Moly. That's news.


And that's the essence of the campaign I presented that won the business of one of America's best up-and-coming restaurant chains.


Rather than apologize for the bagel, we helped celebrate the many tasty innovative things the folks at Einstein Bros. do with them. We treated the bagel as a sacrosanct origin product that inspired all kinds of surprising things.


We even built bagels into the design of the tagline itself

which in turn inspired our entire aesthetic.







RADIO — when writing the campaign to launch their new low calorie Breakfast Bagel Thins, I positioned them as better for you than greasy/sugary breakfast options — and better tasting than diet breakfast options.  We coined new word for it:  thindulgent.


WINNER London International Awards

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SPONSORS OF HOLEY MOLY EVERYWHERE — optical illusions using transit cling technology on

the sides of landmark buildings were recommended to create buzz and deliver the hole-some message.




We baked what we called their sacred "origin product" into all the brand's graphics.



US MAGAZINE PAGE TAKEOVER — we hijacked fast food banner ads.