It's a small thing:  finding a pair of shoes your teen will actually want to wear.


But to moms everywhere it feels like a pretty big deal.


I helped win  the Famous Footwear business with an idea that glorifies little shoe victories with disproportionate celebrations.


'Victory is Yours' has become the new theme of Famous Footwear. My team was called on to influence brand look and feel at every touchpoint from instore, website, PR, product photography, digital marketing, TV and print. This in turn has changed the way the brand goes to market.


As a company wth 1900 high-volume locations across the US this meant coordinating multiple marketing partners and in-house creative teams to give the brand the most consistent, integrated voice it's ever had.


We also gave them the best sales they've ever had during the most important time of the year.







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The client disliked their own logo, left.  It had no meaning for them.  But I saw the shape of a flag in it.  A Victory Flag.  

We turned it into a key graphic symbol in all the work. As much as anything else, this optimistic view of their brand won the account.


SOCIAL SHOPPING — We have been partnering with the brand's Direct to Consumer team to develop a frictionless shopping experience that recommends Shoe Victories for the family and ties into the brand's Rewards Program — all while helping inventory management. It's a win-win for everyone.


What were once screaming sale messages are now presented in the context of small social Victories that make customers smile.